EGO’s Makeover


So I’ve decided to give my old major project model a bit of a makeover now I know a little more about Zbrush and anaotomy.. I still have a ways to go – there’s something not right with his legs and the general proportions of his lower half seems a little odd as they did in the original short. I shall keep progressing!


SonyGames masterclass – Plant test 2

More *alien* plant tests. Two colour variations for my masterclass project for SonyGames: green and red…

Each plant (there are three in this pic, if you couldn’t tell) is 1500 polys.



Its so hard to make plants that don’t exist in the real world look realistic! 😥

Also, a condition of this assignment’s hand-in is that we don’t use custom shadres or any mental ray shaders. So the standard blinn shader in Maya is about as good as this is allowed to get; I can render in mental ray though and this was done with default ‘Sun & Sky