A Model I did for my Final Major Project at Bournemouth University


3D Artist Magazine!

SO!… I’ve wound up in 3DArtist Magazine! One day I’ll hopefully be a featured artist but until then you can find me in 3DArtist’s Community section on page 16 & 17 (Issue 58).  To read why, be sure to check out my [BFX] post here:




Needless to say, being in the same publication as Andrew Hickbottom was awesome – but here’s hoping that next time, we’ll both have an entire page each 😉



Ok so I’ve been doing some freelance work to fill the gap between uni and a job while I’m on the hunt to bulk out the old CV. Here’s some CG box shots / Packaging for a company called check them out here 




I was the Director, Modeler and Texture artist for the team “[CtrlZ]” for the BFX Festival at Bournemouth University which ended around the same time as leaving Bournemouth.

I am now eagerly looking to move to London for full time work armed and ready with a full BA(Hons) Degree in Computer Animation Arts.

This is the breakdown of 6 weeks worth of work crammed into 4 minutes… not sure how happy I am with the result of our 6 weeks (which I shall upload soon) and also how little we actually got done (compared to what we had planned, anyway) but anyway, here’s the breakdown of what we did get done in the end 🙂