New Job: Double Negative!


Bit of a delay in blogging this one as I have been moving house (twice) and choosing between job offers but I finally settled down in London at Double Negative as a Tech Runner! I am essentially tech support for all the artists here at Dneg which means I am meeting and talking with a lot of very cool and talented people every day. There is also a matchmove in-house training program I am to soon enroll on which will be my first step to becoming a 3D Artist here. I can’t wait.

Dneg’s Website:


EGO’s Makeover


So I’ve decided to give my old major project model a bit of a makeover now I know a little more about Zbrush and anaotomy.. I still have a ways to go – there’s something not right with his legs and the general proportions of his lower half seems a little odd as they did in the original short. I shall keep progressing!


I had a blog dedicated to this but decided to move it over onto my main page to tidy things up: This is “EGO”, my Final Major at Bournemouth University where I was lead Modeller & Texture Artist.


My Models contribution:

final_01 SLAYER_DL117 screenshot-3 screenshot-4  cropped-dragonhead_02.jpg dragonHead_01 dragonHead_02 decor_01 decor_1,2&3wr_mF0Vp-zkaoQE_NLAI2ed2oi0hBjD2cJqUTXyyp2E  ego_22_01 ego_22_02 evac_01 evac_02 dl118_02_persp