About Ross


My name is Ross Hildick. I’m 25, recently graduated from Bournemouth University’s “Computer Animation Arts BA(Hons” Degree,  and I’m now a Modeller & Texture Artist at Tripmine Studios

With an already bursting interest in creativity (specifically music), an interest in Graphic Design also started at 14 years old when I discovered Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash in GCSE graphics at Truro’s Richard Lander School & Technology College in Cornwall, England. Around the same time, I also found art to be of a great interest and from then on I knew that all I wanted to do was create.
Still focusing on music, I took a National Diploma in Music Technology and Sound Engineering at Truro College in Cornwall, England where my hobby of creating music started. I learnt to play a few instruments and got into a few bands doing gigs around the pubs in the local area. During all this I continued study after my national diploma to bulk out my CV with a few AS/A levels in photography, media studies, IT and Film. I loved it.

However there was still something I loved even more than being creative in a band making music: GAMES. I had (and still have) a HUGE passion for gaming. One day, I was on a website looking at Photoshop tutorials and stumbled across one on compositing; this word was kind of new to me. I looked into it and saw occlusion passes, dirt maps eventually diving deeper into the Google searches and finding things like UV Layouts and renders and shaders… It all sounded very complicated but I though if i put my mind to it I could do it. I downloaded a trial of 3DS max – wow. This thing scared the hell out of me; I made a box and moved it around etc and loved it!

About 2 years later (of studying 3Ds Max all day every day, without fail), I saw Autodesk Maya training videos and decided to try this thing out too. having finished college and now working full time, I saved up for some professional Training. I went to Escape Studios and purchased their online Maya Core Training series. This completely changed me. I picked up new techniques for BOTH programs and found myself making the sort of stuff that i used to look at and think “I’ll never be that good” but I was doing it. I then left it another year or so but was eventually left unsatisfied with this as just a hobby. I wondered if there were any recognised courses you could take and yes there are – if you’re a millionaire. I wanted something recognised but financially possible.. then I found Bournemouth university’s Computer Animation Arts degree. I applied and got an unconditional offer right there and then in the interview and was over the moon.

I am now focusing on lower-poly modelling and texture baking etc for games.

tl;dr: Ross is a 3D Modeler and Texture artist at Bournemouth University and is available and eager for work! 😉


3 thoughts on “About Ross

  1. This is generally what I hope to do! I do a BTEC in VFX in film and TV industries! And was looking at Bournemouth Uni but also heard Glamorgan was pretty good too!
    But yeah this is exactly what I want to do! Hope it all turns out well! Good luck!

  2. You have created some stunning work. I would be delighted if you checked out http://www.3DSquirrel.co.uk. We are a new UK based 3D Model Marketplace. We also have an active 3D Modelling Forum with great Challenges. Would be great to have you as a member. 🙂

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