Rubble Script [Maya-Python]

Testing out a basic script which creates rubble on a plane (it also creates the ground plane but, although it can be, this is not random each time):

The script changes the size and shape of the brick relative to its distance from the center of the grid but this is also done in a random way: There is a 1 in 6 chance (this can be changed by the user) the the brick generated will be larger and if so, is more likely to be placed away from the center of the grid and around the outside of the ground plane’s mesh. I wanted this aspect of the script is be a very gentle hint as to shape, size and location for the larger pieces as this does, after all, need to maintain a look random look or the illusion of a shattered wall or pavement etc, will be ruined.

To prove the randomness of the script’s output while still maintaining the same pleasing aesthetic, here are some results:

From here, I will export the mesh into mudbox from which I will generate a depth/height map which I will then project onto a single plane. This plane should then hold all the detail of the above images which, with a little sculpting and touching up, can then have normal maps and vector displacement maps generated.
Essentially, all of this detail should look convincing when mapped onto a single polygon from a certain distance. That’s my goal here.

The script still needs a lot of work; I will post any improvements to this blog,
Thanks 🙂


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