*A wild visual effect appears*

After seeing this image on my friend Natalee May’s photography page (please click here and check it out) I had a sudden urge to make the image look like a still from a film. Take a look.

The image was edited in Photoshop and no brushes were used except for the recoloring of her arm and face and headband/bangles etc; The spell effects were done with several blurred and warped images with different blending modes. Several of the images used can be seen from a quick Google-Images search for ‘energy ball’) Here’s an example.
Also, searching for snow and setting the search colour to black will find you a few images that I used with a simple screen filter and some motion blur to give the illusion of movement. One useful tip I have for the blur of the subject is to create a duplicate layer, blur all of it and then erase the areas of that layer which you don’t want blurred… Bam.

As for reference imahes used – none. This was stupid. If I was taking this image siriously from the start (which I wasn’t) I would have had some harry potter screencaps up as references. BAAAH WELL.


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