3D Concepting technique

ARTIST: http://blog.naver.com/dilblo

Drawing over Zbrush to concept new assets like legs and arms etc… Never thought of concepting DURING the modeling. This is amazing. I don’t use ZBrush much and I’m not sure if this is something unique to this artist’s approach or unique to this software package in general but I don’t see many people using this method without Photoshop – actually, make that ANY people. I think I’m going to try this method out in mudbox by screen-capping and editing in Photoshop quickly; If this proves useful in my concepts I’ll definitely be trying achieve this as effectively as this guy and if THATS the case, it might be the excuse I’ve been waiting for you get ZBrush! (and a cintique! *fingers crossed for non-existent lottery ticket*)

Take a peek – its awesome.



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