GET ME IN THERE! [Game studio tours]

Like any child who’s been told they can’t have that new toy they want, I just wanna run up to the shop window, squash my fat face up it and longingly stare at my prize while continuing to nag for it and throw tantrums until I’m finally bought it just to shut me the fuck up about it.
That’s honestly how I feel about getting into this industry, but you know what?…

Oh yes!

Here’s some videos I found quite interesting and, just for kicks, a couple of short ones that look promising that I haven’t even watched yet and just pulled off the recommended feed on my YouTube. If anybody knows of any scheduled tour of these places happening soon in the UK, I’d REALLY love for you to reply with when and where… I need a tour of one of these places: let’s face it, its the next best thing to working there! – It’d be like finding the golden ticket to Charlie’s Chocolate factory 😛


Can’t embed these ones:
Criterio Games Studio Tour
Supreme Commander 2: Gas Powered Games Studio Tour

Now close your jaw, dry your eyes and reblog this and show me some love 😉


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