Final Major Project: The beginning!

Currently referred to as ‘EGO’, My final third year’s project is about to kick off! Its happening! Me and a few others decided to make a ‘dream team’ *wink* and kick this project in the balls early on. Already underway and all working hard on a project that I’ll only tease you in saying that its got something to do with bad-ass dragons ;), I wont show anything but my own work on this blog. However, we are compiling everything we produce as a team on a blogspot page which I will reblog here upon completion.

For now, here’s some images that I’ve already done as part of my concerting role. When The project goes ful throttle in just under a month from now, I’ll be modelling like crazy: my role will then be “Lead Character/Environmental/vehicular Modeler” 😮

I’ll keep this one updated throughout my final year whenever possible!


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